Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for iOS/Android app “Simple Weight”

Last Update: March 24, 2020.

We, Simple App Studio Inc., recognize the importance of protecting our user’s privacy, and we will fully commit to comply with the following policy regarding our iOS and Android app, “Simple Weight”.

Please note that this app may contain some features to connect with some third-party apps or services. If you choose to use these features, they will deal with the connected data according to their own privacy policy, and ours does not apply in those cases.

1. Kinds of information we collect

The data generated by users (including (but not limited) to height, weight, notes, etc.) are stored locally in the application sandbox storage of the user’s device, and we do not collect them.

We may collect some anonymous statistical data regarding to the app usage to make our app better for the users, such as the device information, software version, and the frequency of use for each feature of the app. These data does not include any information that can identify an indivisual.

If a user sends an inquiry to this app, we may request the user to provide us their names (or nicknames), software/hardware environment, settings, and the contents of the inquiry.

2. Usage of the collected information

The statistical data regarding to the app usage is used only for improving the app for the users, and we will never use it for any other purposes.

The provided information through the inquiry is used only for the user support and problem solving, or improving the app for the users, and never be used for any other purposes.

3. Management and security of the collected information

The provided information is managed in a safe and secure environment to prevent leakage.

4. Disclosure of information to a third party

The provided information is basically not disclosed to a third-party.

We may share the statistical data with our designated partners to improve the operation of the app if necessary.

5. Comply with the laws and updating the policy

We will make sure that this privacy policy complies with the applied laws and will update it as necessary.

6. Contact

Any inquiry about this policy may be sent through the contact page below.