Note Screen

On the note screen, you can record your diet and exercise amount, along with some comments. Record what you ate or what exercise you have done on the day, so that you can analyze the causes of your body weight changes.

The switch for the notes in the setting screen is now removed.

At the upper side of the note screen, you can see the detailed information about this record. Use it to review before making a note.

Tap on ≪ or ≫ to move to the previous or next note.

When you finished making a note, you can tap on the Twitter/Facebook button to directly move to the Twitter/Facebook screen.

Notes are shown on the upper side of the graph screen when you select the data plot, and the amount of diet and exercises are shown in bar graphs at the bottom of the graph. (Diet is in red, exercise is in green.)

About Event Note

After version 2.3.0, “Event Notes” feature is added. You can take notes about the events that affects your weight changes, such as excretion, party or eating out, or women’s note.

To use this feature, you need to turn ON “Event Note” in the settings screen. To use Women’s Note, turn ON both “Event Note” and “Women’s Note”.

To mark events, tap on the event icons in the note screen. Women’s note is represented by a moon icon, and the excretion is represented by a washroom icon. The glass icon is for pary, eating out, or had something sweet, according to your needs. You can decide the meaning of the event mark freely.

The design of the icon may differ by each design theme.

Event Notes are shown in the graph screen as follows:

In the period where the women’s note are marked continuously, the graph is drawn in red. This may help you to think the reason of the weight change.