Graph Screen

You can see the past weight and body fat % records in the graph screen.

Details Display

Tap on the data point to see the details. It shows the date and time, weight, body fat %, the difference since the previous measurement, the difference since the reference date, and BMI.


Slide on the graph screen from left to right, and you can scroll the graph back to see the older data.

If you scroll to the edge, the following screen will appear if it has more data in the direction.

Pull until the arrow direction changes and release to move to the next period.


Since v2.7.0, you can zoom in/out with pinch in/out gesture with 2 fingers.

Double taping to zoom in and 2 finger simultaneous tap to zoom out is also available.

Editing / Deleting the Data

If you long touch (over 2 sec) on a data point, you’ll see the “Edit/Delete” popup buttons.

To edit the data, tap on the “Edit” button. You can edit the weight and body fat % values, as well as changing the date/time.

If you would like to delete, tap on the “Delete” button.

Morning/Night Plot Indication

The record measured in the morning is indicated by a white mark, while the one in the afternoon is indicated by a filled mark.

Note Display

When the data plot is tapped, the note is displayed on top of the screen if there is a note on the day.

The meal and excercise amount is displayed with bar graph at the bottom of the graph screen.

The event notes are also displayed with icons at the bottom.

*If there is no meal/excercise note but there is a comment, a ▲ is displayed to indicate that the day has a comment note.

Target Line

Your target line is shown as the red dotted line.

BMI Color Display

The graph background above the “Overweight” border (BMI ≥ 25) is shown in yellow, and above the “Obese” border (BMI ≥ 30) in red. (The border is based on the WHO BMI Classification.)

Command Buttons

(1) Back Button
Tap to go back to the input screen.
(2) Range Switch
Tap “Month”, “Week”, or “Day” to change the date range of the graph.
(3) Note Button
Tap to open Note screen. This button is displayed only when the note function is turned on in the config screen.
(4) Twitter/Facebook Button
Tap to post your progress on Twitter and/or Facebook.
(5) Info Button
Tap to open the help screen.

Landscape Graph

Since v2.7.0, you can see the full screen graph when you turned your device to be landscape, so you can make a full use of the screen.

The operation buttons are hidden in the landscape mode, but you can still pinch in/out to change the graph range instead of the calendar buttons.

You can also scroll, edit/delete by long touch on a plot, and display the note, just the same as you can in the portrait mode.