Import & Export


With Import/Export function, you can export the date, weight, body fat %, amount of diet and exercise, and note data to your Google Docs spreadsheet, as well as import the exported data.

Exporting Data

If you press the “Import/Export” button at the bottom of the input screen, Import/Export screen will appear.

If you open the Import/Export screen for the first time, the following screen will appear.

You need a Google account to use this function. If you already have a Google account, press “Sign In” button. If you don’t, press “Create a Google Account” button to sign up.

If you press “Sign In” button, the following login screen will appear. Input your email address and the password and press “Login”.

If you sign in successfully, the following screen will appear. Press “Allow” button.

The following screen will appear.

Press “Export” button to start exporting.

Importing Data

Once you have exported your data, the “Import” button becomes active, and you can import the last exported data.

If you press “Import” button, the following action sheet will appear. If you are sure to overwrite the local data with the imported one, press “Import and Overwrite” button.

Once you import, the local data will be completely removed and replaced by the imported data. This operation cannot be reverted, so be careful!

Operating on Google Docs

Once you have exported, a new file “SimpleWeight-Export.csv” will be created in your Goodle Docs list.

The file is saved as a comma-separated text file. Log into Google Docs from PC to view/edit the contents of the file.

You can do the following operations on the Google docs spreadsheet.

  • View the data in the numbers
  • Edit the values or note text
  • Add/Insert new row to add past records at once
  • Draw a graph from the data on the spreadsheet

When you edit the data, BE CAREFUL of the followings! If you do the followings by mistake, you cannot import the data or unexpected problems may occur!

  • DO NOT edit/remove the headline (1st row).
  • DO NOT insert column or change the order of the columns.
  • DO NOT input text in the number field, nor inappropriate value. (e.g. do not input other value than 0 ~ 5 in the diet amount cell.)
  • DO NOT change the file name.

To prevent any accident from happening, it is recommended to create a copy of the file or download it on your PC when you analyze the data.