Average Tool

Since version 2.4.0, “Remove Ads + Average Tool” add-on is available. You can purchase this add-on on the iTunes App Store.

This add-on removes the ads below the graph, and replaces it with a toolbar that can show the averaged weight and body fat graph. The average range can be selected from a week, a month, or 3 months.

*When purchasing, your iPhone/iPod touch must be connected to the internet. In-App Purchase must be allowed in the iOS Settings. To allow In-App Purchase, open “Settings” app of the iOS, then go to “General” -> “Restrictions” and turn ON the “In-App Purchases” switch in the “Allowed Content” section.

How to Purchase Add-On

To purchase “Remove Ads + Average Tool”, on the weight input screen, tap on the “Settings” button, then “Add-On”.

The add-on details screen will appear. You can see the description, price, and the screen shots of the add-on. Tap on the screen shot to enlarge.

If you press the price button, the popup message to confirm the In-App Purchase will appear. Read the message and if you would like to purchase, tap on the “Purchase” button. It may ask your Apple ID and its password if necessary to start the transaction.

If you see the transaction completion messsage, you’ve successfully activated the add-on! Open the graph screen and confirm that the “Average Toolbar” is displayed instead of the Ads below the graph.

Restoring the Purchased Add-On

If you purchase an add-on once, the purchasing record remains in iTunes App Store, so that you can restore for free in the case that you accidentally deleted the app or got an error during the purchasing process.

Or if you have several iOS devices that the app is installed, and if you purchased once, you can restore the purchased add-on on any other iOS devices using the same Apple ID.

To restore the purchased add-on, tap on the “Restore” button at the right bottom. You may be required to type your Apple ID and its password to start the restoring process.

*If you tap on the price button instead of the “Restore” button for the purcased add-on, iTunes App Store checks the purchasing record and automatically starts restoring process without any additional cost, so don’t worry!

How to Use Average Toolbar

Once you purchase the “Remove Ads + Average Tool” add-on, the “Average Toolbar” will appear below the graph.

Tapping on the “7”, “31”, and “90” button on the Average Toolbar will change the average range to 1 week, 1 month, and 3 months respectively. If you choose a longer average range, the time range of the graph will be automatically changed to show the longer range. (Notice the time range button at the left top of the graph changes.)

If you tap on the graph while the average graph is shown, you can see the average range, averaged weight, body fat % and the BMI values.

You can scroll to change the display period, or double tap to zoom on the average graph, just the same as on the normal graph.

*If you choose a narrower display period than the average range by zoom by double tap or by the range buttons at the left top of the graph, the average display will be automatically canceled and gets back to the normal graph.

If you choose “OFF” on the Average Toolbar, or if you tap on the “Minimize” button (▼), the average display is canceled and it gets back to the normal graph.

If you tap on the “Minimize” button (▼), the Average Toolbar will be hidden, and you can get more space for the graph. To show the “Average Toolbar” again, tap on the ▲ button at the right bottom corner.