Input Screen

Whenever you open the app or bring it back from background, it always starts from the input screen.

Type in your weight value and press OK.

If you have turned on body fat %, the screen will turn to the body fat % input screen. Input the value and press OK. The current time is automatically used as the measurement time.

If you measured your weight but forgot to input, don’t worry. You can input the past record. Press the “Clock” button at the bottom of the weight input screen.

Date and time picker will appear. Select the date and time of the measurement and press OK. You can select up to 90 days ago. If you press Cancel, the past date-time will be cleared and the current time will be used as the measurement time.

If you input larger than 67lb (or 31kg), the decimal point will automatically appear, so you can continue typing without pressing “.” button.