1. Start the App and Setup

Open SimpleWeight by tapping the App icon on the home screen.

Home Screen

At the first use of the app, the config screen appears to prompt you to enter your height and your target weight, then press OK.

Choose cm/kg or ft/lb units according to your preference.

If you would like to record body fat percentage, turn on “Body Fat %” switch. If you would like to use Event Note function, turn on “Event Note” switch.

*The setup screen appears only once at the first time. You can always change the settings in the config screen.

2. Input

Input the weight and press “OK”. The date and time is automatically recorded as the measurement time.

If you have turned on “Body Fat %”, input the body fat percentage and press “OK”. (If you haven’t turned on “Body Fat %”, this screen will not appear.)

*Use your weight scale to measure your weight. This app is not capable of measuring your weight. ;)

*You can mute the sound in the setting screen.

Try to measure your body weight at the same time of a day and in the same condition as much as possible. It is recommended that you measure your weight once in the morning and once at night.

It is known that the weight is the lowest in the morning and the highest at night. If the weight at night is about the same as that of in the morning, your weight might be in a decreasing trend.

Body weight varies according to the condition. It’s normal that if it increases and decreases in a certain range. Focus on the long term trend than the short term variation.

3. Check out the trend in the graph

When you tap on the “OK” button, it turns to the graph view.

Check out how you’ve been doing, and how much to reduce to reach the target weight.

4. Make notes or post on Twitter

Optionally, you can make notes or post on Twitter. These are good tools to look back and analyze the cause of your body weight changes or keep your motivation.

Note that these are the optional functions for those who wants to use them, and not mandatory. The most important thing is to record your body weight every day!

Now that you know the basics, let’s look at the details of each feature.