Selecting Design Theme

Since version 2.2, you can chose the design theme! Please pick one the themes you like.

*Internet connection is required to download a new theme. Before you proceed, please confirm that your iPhone/iPod touch is connected to the internet.

Downloading/Purchasing a new theme

In the weight input screen, tap on the “Config” button at the bottom, then tap on the “theme” button.

The available theme list appears. Tap on the theme you like.

Theme details and screen shots will appear. You can scroll holizontally to see all the screen shots. Tap on a screen shot to zoom in.

To download the theme, tap on the Price or “Free” button. The popup message to confirm your purchase or download appears. Tap on the “Buy” or “Confirm” button. It may ask your Apple ID and the password. The download starts after entering these information correctly.

Once the download is completed, it automatically goes back to the setting screen with the new theme applied.

*In the current, you can choose out of 4 free and 2 premium themes. More themes are comming in the future.

Switching themes

Once you have downloaded a theme, it can quickly be switched. To switch themes, tap on the theme you like in the theme list screen. If you tap on the blue button at the right side of the downloaded theme, you can see the theme details.

Deleting a theme

To delete a theme, swipe from left to right on the theme in the theme list. “Delete” button will appear. Tap on the button to delete the theme.

Restoring the purchased theme

If you purchase a theme, the purchasing record remains in iTunes App Store, so that you can restore for free in the case that you accidentally deleted the app or got an error during the purchasing process.

Or if you have several iOS devices that the app is installed, and if you purchased once, you can restore the purchased theme on any other iOS devices using the same Apple ID.

To restore the purchased theme, tap on the “Restore” button at the right bottom of the theme details screen. You may be required to type your Apple ID and its password to start the restoring process.

*If you tap on the price button instead of the “Restore” button for the purcased theme, iTunes App Store checks the purchasing record and automatically starts restoring process without any additional cost, so don’t worry!